Denzo Shield


100% Acrylic Emulsion that is low VOC's, low odor, and formaldehyde free, a greener alternative of coating.

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Denzo Interior Emulsion


High performance resin to ensure strong adhesion offering a smooth finish.

Denzo Exterior Emulsion


High performance resin to ensure strong adhesion and high quality pigment for exterior durability.

Denzo Alkali Resisting Primer


Strong adhesion and great alkali resisting properties. Suitable for exterior and interior.

Denzo Ceiling Paint


Smooth matt ceiling paint with great hiding power.
Easy to apply for great results.

Denzo Water Based Super Contact Primer


Suitable for both old and new surfaces.  Great adhesion with hiding power.  Quick dry and low odor. 

A safer alternative.

Denzo Primer


Environmentally friendly water based primer.  Quick dry with strong adhesion properties.

Denzo Acrylic Wall Putty


High performance acrylic resin.  Easy to use, easy to sand, and no yellowing.

Denzo Synthetic Gloss Enamel


Great value with special alkyd resin for durability and high gloss.  High quality pigments and strong adhesion.

Denzo Industrial Lacquer


Specially formulated resin and high pigments to deliver satisfied results.  Strong adhesion and high area coverage.

Denzo Wood Stain


Great durability and emphasizes the beauty of wood texture.  Protects surface from UV and has a gloss finish